Day 14: Himatangi Beach to Nelson

We started the day by finishing the drive to Wellington. We hadn’t planned to spend much time in the city but we did have enough time to visit Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum. We looked at a variety of exhibitions – from Maori history and culture to the slightly bizarre display of the largest squid ever caught.

The three hour InterIslander ferry journey was rough at times but we arrived in Picton early evening and took a windy road around the coast to Nelson where we stayed in the Nelson City New World car park, where overnight camping for self-contained vehicles is welcomed. This probably won’t be our most scenic stopover, but at least we didn’t have far to go to buy some food!

One thought on “Day 14: Himatangi Beach to Nelson

  1. Mary Vaughan

    Hi Howie and Kate, I have caught up with you now that we are back home. I cannot believe what you are packing into each day and the photos are wonderful. You are going to have the most fantastic memories of this trip! I confess that most of the activities would not be for me but you both seem to be enjoying them and that’s what matters.
    We had a lovely week in Berlin but our experiences do not quite match yours!
    Look after yourselves and continue to enjoy.
    Love from us both, Mum xx